“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 5 – Height

Simply adding height to your centerpieces is an easy, inexpensive way to add a LOT of drama & WOW to a space.

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The same centerpiece placed directly on the table would just not be the same… especially in rooms with tall ceilings, a low centerpiece just gets lost.

Add height and sparkle to your centerpiece with the tall crystal stands, and the overall effect is much more striking and impressive.

Imagine your guests looking across the reception space and seeing all these tall centerpieces with sparkling, dangling crystals. Definitely some grand WOW factor!


“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 4 – COLOR!

Eryn’s wedding is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of repeating a color scheme for a customized look with WOW! impact!

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She infused every element of her wedding with her bold color scheme. The overall effect was really fun & whimsical, and made the whole day a blast for every guest.

I’m not saying you need to choose Erin’s POW color scheme – the same concept applies to any color scheme – just find creative, fun, unique places to add your colors:

  • Save-the dates
  • Invitations
  • Guestbook table (even just a few petals add a nice touch of color)
  • Programs
  • Ceremony altar flowers
  • Ceremony aisle flowers
  • Seating chart
  • Place cards
  • Centerpiece flowers
  • Signature cocktail
  • Linens (table runners & napkins are a great place for a pop of color to your whole reception space)
  • Favors
  • Buffet table flowers & petals
  • Chair sashes
  • Bridesmaids gowns, bouquets, accessories (Inject a fun pop of color in shoes & jewelry like Erin did!)
  • Groomsmen (ties, boutonnieres, pocket squares)

These are just a few ideas for adding color to give your wedding a customized, pulled-together, WOW look!

“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 3 – Understand Scale

Weddings are BIG events – even if you only have 100 guests – when else do you have 100 of your closest friends & family all in one cavernous room with 50 foot ceilings? And all looking forward to the same focal point?

Take a floral arrangement that looks HUGE at home on your dining room table, put it up at the front of the church & stand 15 rows back – that same arrangement looks, well… sad.

The scale of your floral arrangements should “fit” with the formality of the event, and the size of the event space.

Your guests will all be seated in rows for half an hour or more, looking forward, waiting… they need something really GORGEOUS to look at.

And these arrangements will add color & texture to all your wedding photos, for you to enjoy for years to come.

For a wedding, floral arrangements have got to be WAY, way bigger than you think they do to generate that WOW.

“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 2 – Choose a focal point

DSCN7385Where are the guest’s eyes going to be focused most? Where will most of the photos be taken?

The answer, during the wedding ceremony at least, is up front.  So we make massive, WOW arrangements for up front where they will have a lot more impact than an arrangement located for example, by an entryway.

During the reception, the focal point is obviously the center of each table. The guests will spend the majority of their time seated at the table. So we put gorgeous flowers where they will be seen the most, at the center of the table.

Another focal point is the cake table. You have your first toast there, cut the cake – lots of pictures – it’s a paparazzi moment. So splurge on the cake table flowers – they will be in all your pictures!

Choosing a focal point, and splurging on decorating that focal point, is an easy, inexpensive way to give your wedding more WOW factor, and give you wedding photos to swoon over in years to come!

“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 1 – Buy in Bulk

Most brides are looking for WOW! factor for their wedding.

We all want our special day to be memorable, to stand out from the crowd, and to have amazing wedding photos to swoon over in years to come

When I design an event, I want every guest’s jaw to drop at the lush flowery gorgeousness. That is my goal.

Even if you have a not-so-ideal floral budget, I can still give you this lavish “tons of flowers” look if you follow a few simple guidelines – here’s tip 1:

Wedding “WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 1 – Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk makes a HUGE  difference between WOW and “well, they tried…

For the same cost, you can have 100 roses from the local wholesaler, or 200 roses farm-direct. 200 roses gives a lot more WOW than 100!

Another example: South American Hydrangeas bought in boxes of 40 are 1/2  the cost of hydrangeas by the bunch of 10 from the local wholesaler. So you can have a full box of 40 hydrangeas, or 20 from the local wholesale place.

Buying the whole box of flowers is an easy way to give your wedding a lot more WOW factor for less.

Stay tuned for next week’s “WOW” Factor Wednesday!

Enchanted Garden Inspiration Board – Seattle Wedding Expo – January 14th & 15th

OK so now I’m obsessing about the Seattle Wedding Expo January 14th & 15th – working on an “Enchanted Garden” theme, filled with 800 pink & peach garden roses, platinum sparkly accents, moss green linens and tons of moss and vintage chandelier crystals…

I have collected 100 year old doors & windows as ceremony elements, and antique, tarnished creamers, sugars & teapots to hold all the garden roses…

Kind of a vintage, funky, enchanted garden – what do you think?!?