Month: June 2011

The Dad Conspiracy

Today I got a top secret phone call from the father of the bride – her floral consultation is tomorrow. “Don’t tell her I called, but…”

He had worked in a floral shop before and was convinced that the carnations & baby’s breath was the cheapest route.

So he wanted me to convince her to use carnations & baby’s breath. (No, I am not making this up, I swear!) (more…)


Lauren & Alex @ Chamber’s Bay

Oh how I LOVED this wedding – Lauren is just the sweetest bride ever.

She’s one of those people who make you want to do lots of little extra things to surprise her because you know she will just gush over everything and be so appreciative… and I did, and she did, and all were happy ha ha

I made the cutest personalized stones with her wedding date for the guestbook, head table & gift table – it was a last minute inspiration and I was still drying them frantically with a hairdryer the night before, afraid they wouldn’t be useable, but they were!

And the idea has already been stolen… I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Here are some more photos: (more…)

Best Floral “Bang for Your Buck”

Getting the most “Bang for your Buck” is very important in planning your wedding. You want to concentrate your floral dollars where they will have the most impact.

As I’m helping brides decide how to best allocate their floral budget, I advise them to really stop and think about their guests. Where will they spend the majority of their time? Where will their eyes be focused most? (more…)