The Dad Conspiracy

Today I got a top secret phone call from the father of the bride – her floral consultation is tomorrow. “Don’t tell her I called, but…”

He had worked in a floral shop before and was convinced that the carnations & baby’s breath was the cheapest route.

So he wanted me to convince her to use carnations & baby’s breath. (No, I am not making this up, I swear!)

It took me a good half an hour to convince him that carnations would actually be a price INCREASE over what she had already told me she wanted – roses & hydrangea.

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I explained to him that because I buy directly from the farms – and I buy in quantity (by the box instead of by the bunch from local wholesalers), roses & hydrangea are the more economical choice – even though at the average florist shop they are among the most expensive.

I just kept repeating the same thing over & over – “OK – but this will mean a price INCREASE if she agrees – Carnations are MORE EXPENSIVE than roses & hydrangea.” Firmly, consistently, hoping it would sink in.

He finally believed me – and was baffled, but pleased…


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