Pure Imagination

I was soooo nervous about doing the “Pure Imagination ” wedding show for the first time – had never done this show before and didn’t want to create something that didn’t “fit” and look like an idiot…

Top it all off with the fact that I just didn’t “get” the theme I was assigned – “New York Picnic” – ugh… visions of highrises and sandwiches wrapped in cutsie paper…

I ran around in a panic buying multitudes of vintage picnic baskets, grapes and brie – apple pies and breadsticks – and ended up using none of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I kind of threw the theme out the window,and decided to create an enchanted garden in New York instead – garden roses, succulents, a tree-like centerpiece, shiny platinum accents & sparkling crystals.

And I was inspired to make a table that was covered ENTIRELY in fresh springy moss – would people think I was nuts?!?

But of course everyone oohed and ahhed, and I got these fabulous photos. Loved it…


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