How NOT to have that “WOW” Factor

My goal is to create a jaw-droppingly beautiful experience for your wedding guests – and for you to be surrounded by flowery gorgeousness on your big day.

Here are a few things that might prevent you from getting that “big look” on a smaller budget:

1) Choosing a huge amount of variety in types of blooms.

“I want freesia and lisianthus and hydrangeas and gerbera daisies and roses and ranunculus”

No they aren’t terribly expensive flowers, but since you’re not buying a full box, they will be more expensive.

You’ll be buying just 5 or 6 bunches of each, they will all have to be bought at the local wholesaler, which doubles or even triples the price.

2) Choosing expensive flowers

“I want lily of the valley and peonies”

Which would create more WOW: an entire box of 200 roses, or 20 stems of lily of the valley?

Yes, lily of the valley is a luxurious splurge, and if it is your favorite flower and you’ve always wanted it, you should do it. But understand the tradeoffs…

I did one GORGEOUS wedding all in callas, ladyslipper orchids & cymbidium orchids. It was stunning. But the whole wedding would have fit in the backseat of my honda accord!!

And the price tag was about the same as for this wedding:

If you would like to create the overall impression of an abundance of flowers, stay away from the ladyslipper orchids and calla lilies…

3) Choosing smaller flowers

Creating WOW Factor is mostly about visual space.

A calla lily costs about the same as a hydrangea. But a bouquet of 12 calla lilies does not visually create an impression of abundance – while a bouquet of 12 hydrangeas (see above)  is gorgeous, full and fluffy.

In the above photo, the centerpieces were used going down the aisle, then after the ceremony they were moved to the top of tall vases for the reception)


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