How to Make Iced Branches for your Winter Wedding

In my mind was a vision for Eryn & Lowell’s wedding – a sparkling, icy, glittering, winter fantasy-wedding…

And then I saw the price tag on those iced branches – ouch. You can buy them here for $21 each…

Or at the local floral wholesale – $7 for 3 small-ish twigs – at this rate my sparkling dreamy fantasy was going to cost exactly $1,873 for branches – clearly NOT in the budget (hubby would FREAK)

So I made them! You can too if you have a bit of time & patience – here’s the materials list:

1) Fake Snow from Michael’s – I used 2 kinds:

Buffalo snow - the white kind

Buffalo snow - the plain white kind

Buffalo Snow - the iridescent sparkly kin

2) Elmer’s Glue

3) Glitter (get the BIG can!)

4) A paintbrush, & paper plate or piece of cardboard

5) branches

6) a big box

7) a big vase for drying (or several big vases, if you’re doing a lot of branches)

To Make the iced branches:

Step 1) Paint the glue on the branch

Step 2) Put the branch in the box

Step 3) Sprinkle white snow, then iridescent snow, then glitter

Step 4) Place in the vase to dry

After awhile, I got tired of sprinkling and just kind of rolled/shook the glue covered branches around in the box full of fake snow & glitter. It worked just as well.

I tried the Super77 spray adhesive method, with the plastic ice crystals (colorfill – see pic) – it did not stick.

All the plastic crystals just fell off, so save yourself the $18 for a can of spray adhesive.

And the colorfill crystals just don’t sparkle all that much.

The spray adhesive did work well for putting snow on fresh pine boughs though – just spray a VERY small amount of adhesive (too much and all the needles clump together) and quickly sprinkle the white and iridescent fake snow – very pretty.

You can also ice pine cones the same way – paint the tips, roll in the box of fake snow. I hot glued a skewer onto the cone to make it easier to insert into the flowers/branches.

And one final tip – you will need at least twice as many iced branches as you think you do!! So make a ton!

Here are a few pics of the finished icy, dreamy display (I’m a terrible photographer, hopefully the pro pics will more accurately show the sparkle):

The top of the arch, full of iced branches, snowy pine boughs and snow white orchids - sigh.


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