Month: March 2013

“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 1 – Buy in Bulk

Most brides are looking for WOW! factor for their wedding.

We all want our special day to be memorable, to stand out from the crowd, and to have amazing wedding photos to swoon over in years to come

When I design an event, I want every guest’s jaw to drop at the lush flowery gorgeousness. That is my goal.

Even if you have a not-so-ideal floral budget, I can still give you this lavish “tons of flowers” look if you follow a few simple guidelines – here’s tip 1:

Wedding “WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 1 – Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk makes a HUGE  difference between WOW and “well, they tried…

For the same cost, you can have 100 roses from the local wholesaler, or 200 roses farm-direct. 200 roses gives a lot more WOW than 100!

Another example: South American Hydrangeas bought in boxes of 40 are 1/2  the cost of hydrangeas by the bunch of 10 from the local wholesaler. So you can have a full box of 40 hydrangeas, or 20 from the local wholesale place.

Buying the whole box of flowers is an easy way to give your wedding a lot more WOW factor for less.

Stay tuned for next week’s “WOW” Factor Wednesday!