“WOW” Factor Wednesday: Tip 3 – Understand Scale

Weddings are BIG events – even if you only have 100 guests – when else do you have 100 of your closest friends & family all in one cavernous room with 50 foot ceilings? And all looking forward to the same focal point?

Take a floral arrangement that looks HUGE at home on your dining room table, put it up at the front of the church & stand 15 rows back – that same arrangement looks, well… sad.

The scale of your floral arrangements should “fit” with the formality of the event, and the size of the event space.

Your guests will all be seated in rows for half an hour or more, looking forward, waiting… they need something really GORGEOUS to look at.

And these arrangements will add color & texture to all your wedding photos, for you to enjoy for years to come.

For a wedding, floral arrangements have got to be WAY, way bigger than you think they do to generate that WOW.


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